A Touch Of Warmth Campaign

The first phase of the campaign was to provide heating fuel as the most urgent need for displaced people and refugees in the camps and for some emergency needs. Fuel distributions were provided through local partners under special and direct vouchers of $ 20 each, which was planned for seven days. In which fuel oil, gas and heating materials were provided to the areas according to the type of heaters available to residents.

The intervention of fuel material during the storm Huda within the target areas was a top priority, especially in the absence of adequate shelter and low temperatures to below zero Celsius.

The project targeted the camps in northern Syria (Aleppo, Idlib and Lattakia camps), Lebanon camps (Bekaa and Arsal) and the besieged areas (Damascus, southern suburbs and besieged Homs) as well as Southern Syria. The project contributes to mitigating the risks of winter weather, especially to the residents of these areas during the snow storm “Huda”.

The number of beneficiaries in the areas of Damascus, Homs and the camps of northern Syria / 745220/000 people were covered in fuel for only a week . On the other hand, the number of beneficiaries in the Qunietra camps and shelter houses in Daraa 13000 persons added to about 55000 beneficiaries in Lebanon where heating fuel was provided during the storm. In addition, the project worked on  running the mobile clinic within the remote camps in the Bekaa for the distribution of medicine to treat acute health problems and provide some services such as opening roads and providing camps with additional plastic insulators.