• Advocacy and Communication

    The Advocacy and communication department in the ACU was established at the beginning of March 2016. It includes several sections: media, local partnerships and international relations. The staff is currently composed of 4 persons which is able to expand depending on the work requirements. Reports are divided into four types: advocacy, media, local partnerships and international relations.

  • Advocacy

    Advocacy objectives in the ACU:

    • Advocate the humanitarian affairs of the Syrian people.
    • Promote the ACU’s products strengthen its relations with local and international partners.
    • Support and strengthen the programs or positions that would make a positive change in the Syrian situation, whether it emanates from within the ACU or from outside in accordance with its policy.
    • Create a hearable Syrian voice that can reach decision makers and push them to change their policies.
    • Reach a long-term vision for local, regional and international change.
  • Media and Design

    Media and design are key elements in advocacy. They are the most effective means of communicating the ACU’s image to the world. They embody the ACU’s programs and departments by reports, bulletins and campaigns as well as the production of printed and visual materials within the same framework added to social networking and website.
    Media forms the link between the ACU and the various written, audio and visual media channels, inviting them to participate in advocacy campaigns and presenting unity in the best way.


    A unified professional media team that works in the spirit of the ACU, and coordinating participates in achieving its goals as a whole at the lowest possible financial cost.
    It works to highlight the humanitarian issues and needs of Syrians in a civilized way through mobilizing society and advocacy campaigns.

  • Local and International Partnership

    Local partnerships depend on communication skills with individuals and groups, and they are considered the window from which any organization is exposed to its audience, through which the public learns about the work and activities of the organization.
    It is the backbone and the main engine in strengthening communication and cooperation with the internal and external public.
    Local partnerships play a key role in networking and collaborating with civil society organizations, donors, international and Turkish institutions on the one hand, and local partners from the Syrian interim government, local councils and local NGOs from the second.
    Public relations as well play an important role in advocating the programs and activities of the ACU and following up the administrative and legal matters of the ACU with the competent Turkish authorities.
    As for the International relations, they play a key role in strengthening the relationship with donors and engaging them in relevant conferences and workshops to deliver Syrian voice honestly and transparently.

Advocacy Products

  • Euphrates Dam Flash Report
    March 29, 2017
  • Al-Tabaqa Under Siege
    April 25, 2017
  • The Demographic Change and Forced Displacement in Syria
    June 30, 2017
  • Statement by the Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) on the Recent Military Escalation in Idleb, Syria - 24 July 2019
    July 24, 2019