Ar-Raqqa Governorate

The Information Management Unit (IMU) of the Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) through its network of field enumerators, and in cooperation with the Ar-Raqqa Provincial Council, prepared a panoramic report on the Ar-Raqqa governorate.

This report reflects the assessed cities’ conditions during May and June 2019 on multi-sectoral level. The report brings to light the basic services in the northern of Ar-Raqqa governorate by providing detailed information on five cities in the north of the governorate, which are the cities of Ar-Raqqa, Ath-Thawrah, Tell Abiad, Ein Issa and Suluk. The report includes multiple sections, including the tribes of Ar-Raqqa governorate, agriculture, and irrigation networks, in addition to the demography, health, bakeries, education, and services that include the sectors of water, sewage system, electricity, and the public road network. This report also presents data at the neighborhood level within the five cities

The report aims to draw attention to the available resources in Ar-Raqqa governorate to enable the local community to make optimal use of them. It furthermore, brings emphasis on the large cities’ centers which provide basic services to the north of the governorate.


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