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 Civil DefenseCivil Defence

General Overview of Civil Defence

Civil defence members deliver a noble humanitarian message through providing honourable services to all society categories in order to spread security and stability in the communities.  Protection civilian’s lives and assets, take care of environment, and provide noble humanitarian services in order to ease and reduce losses are the main duties of civil defence members. Some of their tasks also involve training the maximum number of civilians on civil defence skills, and how to deal with fires and disasters.

Civil defence functions can be divided to the following stages:

  • Before the state of emergency (precaution, awareness and preparation).
  • After the state of emergency (damage rehabilitation and maintenance).
  • During the state of emergency (intervention and response).

Syrian civil defence members passed through hard times during one year and a half and faced severe conditions that no other party faced in the whole world. Some of the difficulties that encountered them is working with primitive means and methods, baring chemical attacks and explosive barrels. All these facts raised the awareness to pay attention to this sector and support it, at least partially.

In spite of the essential humanitarian role that civil defence members play, they were not safe from regime violence. Regime forces targeted civil defence members directly, and the number of martyrs of this sector reached eighty-eight martyrs so far.

ACU Contribution in Improving Civil Defence Sector in Syria

ACU achievements in civil defence sector during the last year:

  • Launch “Hayah” campaign that included food baskets, winter kits, and water tanks distribution. In addition to providing specialized equipment car for maintenance in civil defence directorate in Aleppo Governorate.
  • Support the establishment of three civil defence centres in Hama Governorate.
  • Provide the operational costs for civil defence directorates in three governorates Aleppo, Idleb and Lattakia in order to help rescuing the civilians during the last snowstorm.

ACU achievements in besieged areas:

ACU played the biggest part in supporting the establishment of civil defence centres in Homs Governorate (Al Wa’ar centre and Northern Countryside centre).

  • Support Rural Damascus Governorate in Maliha centre before it was occupied and Harasta centre.
  • Support the establishment of three centres in Hama Governorate, those centres were the core of civil defence foundation in Hama.
  • Provide small and medium equipment for civil defence directorate in Idleb with the value of approximately 100,000 $.
  • Coordinate the training of some civil defence members to deal with chemical attacks in the governorates of Idleb, Aleppo, Hama and Lattakia.
  • Provide 60 protective masks to civil defence members in Idleb Governorate after Idleb City liberation.

ACU is currently working on support of civil defence directorates in besieged areas, after signing two memorandums of understanding in Eastern Gouta and Northern Countryside of Homs Governorate.


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“Hayah” Program For Supporting Civil Defense in four liberated provinces of Northern Syria