Conclusion of the Eighth Vaccination Campaign against Poliomyelitis with a 99% Coverage Rate and A Lack of Medical Errors in All Governorates

Syria Immunization Task Force concluded its eighth vaccination campaign against Poliomyelitis with great success. 99.27% of children were covered in all targeted seven governorates. The team was able to vaccinate about 1.280.000 Syrian child with unperceivable medical errors.

The eight campaign encompassed seven governorates of the liberated north, namely: Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, Hama, Alraqa, Alhasakeh and Der Alzour. The numbers of vaccinated children were (approximately): 500 Thousand child in Aleppo, 240 Thousand child in Idlib, 230 Thousand child in Der Alzour, 200 Thousand child in Alraqa, 40 Thousand child in Alhasakeh, 38 Thousand child in Hama and 6 Thousand child in Latakia.

The campaign that lasted for almost 8 days (After being delayed in Der Alzour for two days due to -logistic reasons) was full of serious hardships that faced the team. The working staff faced different dangers while carrying out their jobs where many areas went through critical phases of ongoing shelling and clashes, not to mention the dangers that surround moving between cities and villages, the ruggedness of the roads, the weather and many more obstacles that the team was able to overcome to finish its mission. One vaccination center in Albu kamal went under an aerial raid martyring three infants and a woman about to give birth.

This campaign’s importance lays specifically in rebuilding trust between citizens and vaccination teams, after the human error that took a few children’s lives in a previous campaign against Measles. Whereas, for this campaign, preparations were different and all efforts were focused on increasing awareness on the importance of vaccines, reassuring parents that the staffs were fully trained and that the vaccines’ source is under the WHO supervision.

Noteworthy in the scope, Sinjar and other areas which have experienced said sad occurrence in the Measles campaign, were covered fully with no mentionable refusals. The same can be said about all the governorates where the percentage of refusing parents is next to nothing. This pushed the team to believe that the mission of regaining trust was accomplished.

Syria Immunization Task Force – which was formed by the initiative of ACU – is working to invest this success and general satisfaction to prepare for its coming campaign against Poliomyelitis, decided at the beginning of the coming month, as a part of a wider goal:  rebuilding a widened national vaccination program on Syrian territory and controlling all epidemics and illnesses that may spread in Syria, especially under the circumstances that our people, in Syria are, living through.

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