Displacement Movement out of Mare – 30 August 2015

People in Mare’ sub-district and the villages of Sandaf, Harbel, and Sheikh Issa have moved out after ISIL advanced in Mare’ and took over Sandaf and Harbel villages.
Latest figures on Mare’ show that there were 35,000 people, 26,500 were native inhabitants of the village, and 8,500 are IDPs mostly from Aleppo City and the eastern countryside of Aleppo.
A large population of Mare’ residents moved out to Aleppo Province’s sub-districts where they settled in their villages and cities, while others headed to camps in Aleppo countryside.

IDPs were distributed as follows:

  • Tal Raf’at and the neighboring farm lands 5,000 IDPs
  • I’zaz, its villages, and border camps 8,000 IDPs
  • Haretan and its villages 8,000 IDPs
  • Western Countryside 8,000 IDPs
  • Eastern Countryside (Al-Bab and its villages) 5,000 IDPs
  • Only about 1,000 people stayed in Mare’


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