Early Warning Alert and Response Network

Early Warning Alert and Response NetworkEarly Warning Alert and Response Network

Brief Introduction

EWARN Program was established in June 2013. The program includes 217 surveillance employees in the liberated areas in Northern Syria and the rural areas of Damascus, Homs, and Dar’a governorates, in addition to seven central level doctors. EWARN Program produces weekly reports on the spread of epidemics and a special weekly report on acute flaccid paralysis surveillance.

Thanks to EWARN Program, the Health Department team in ACU could discover polio cases in Deir – ez – Zour Governorate. The first stool sample from polio-infected child was transferred to a reference laboratory in Ankara, Turkey. The sample was examined ending with positive results for the infection. As well as, more than eleven thousands suspected cases of measles were documented by EWARN Program.

The program highlights the epidemics that can be protected from through immunisation in Northern Syria. American, Italian and Qatari grants provide the fund for EWARN Program.

  • Nutrition Monthly Bulletin
  • EWARN Guidelines
  • Acute Flaccid Paralysis Weekly Bulletin
  • Semi-Monthly Wash Bulletin
  • Epidemiological Weekly Bulletin


EWARN Newsletter

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