Edition 05: Field Developments in Idleb, Northern Hama Countryside, Western and Southern Aleppo Countrysieds

The Information Management Unit (IMU) issued the fifth edition of the flash report “Field Developments in Idleb and Northern Hama Countryside During the Period between 1 March until 24 August 2019”.

The Syrian regime and Russia continue their military offensive on the liberated areas of Idleb Governorate and its adjacent countrysides, by the moment of writing this report, the regime imposed its full control over the northern east of Hama countryside, in addition to a number of cities and towns  in the southern countryside of Idleb. The IMU field network of enumerators managed to document 142 vital facilities that were targeted with bombing since the beginning of March till 24 of August 2019. A total of 1,166 civilians were killed as a result of this offensive with 262 children among the victims.

The number of IDPs significantly increased and reached 551,976 IDPs, of whom, 458,381 IDPs are distributed among the cities and towns of Idleb and Aleppo governorates, while 93,595 IDPs arrived in the northern Syria camps for the period between April 1 till August 24, 2019.


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