Overview of Education Sector

Education is an essential need for all children, but it is an extremely urgent need for the millions of children affected by the human crisis in Syria.

Education sector in Syria lacks all basic resources essential for an efficient education process. Education sector lacks basically in fund, and instead of topping priorities in the Syrian cause, it was totally neglected, and has not received appropriate support compared to other sectors, despite its high importance. Education has always been considered a part of a long-term developmental process, rather than an immediate response to an emerging situation. Humanitarian relief has been exclusive to food, shelter, drinking water, sewage, and health care. However, catastrophic conditions may continue to exist for years, and so may IDPs in camps.

The ministry of education in Assad’s government seized to work in areas out of their control. Hence, it became clear that failure in prioritizing education in the humanitarian response would result in uneducated lost generations, unable to take part in reconstructing their communities. Education has played a vital role in making a change, the change Syrians have been after for over four years, to reach a better future.

Our children are our promising future, we either leave them to ignorance and its destructive effects on our dream with a modern stable Syria, or qualify them to build the country the way Syrians hope.

With all that mentioned, education is still an unfulfilled promise for the children of Syria.

Overview on the ACU’s contribution in improving education in Syria

The ACU’s education program strategy aims at:

  1. Increasing secure, well equipped learning spaces.
  2. Reducing the number of school drop-outs and non-working teachers.
  3. Increasing educational quality of Syrian students.

ACU has tried to achieve this strategy through the following:

  1. Take part in analyzing the general problem of education.
  2. Invite governmental and non-governmental partners to coordinate and unify efforts.
  3. Study a bundle of successful projects, which help in preparing response plans like:
  4. School course book project
  5. School bag project
  6. School maintenance projects
  7. School equipment project
  8. Field schools project
  9. Heating project
  10. Supporting educational process in Turkey
  11. Education directories’ equipment project

Important Projects

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Madrasati Campaign “My school”: Providing students with tools necessary for the educational process. The campaign included financial and in-kind assistance. The financial grant was allowance for teachers, administrative staffs, and maintenance costs for some schools. The in-kind assistance included desks, classrooms and library equipment, and educational tools like laptops, cameras, etc. The campaign covered schools and students of Idelb, Aleppo, Lattakia, and Hama.

Kitabi “My book”: Includes a memorandum of understanding with the National Board of Education to print 2 million school course books with a cost of 1 million USD.

لأتعلمLi Ata’allam Project

“Let me learn, it’s my right”

An educational program to refresh the educational process in liberated areas.

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