Harim District

The Information Management Unit of the ACU issued Harim District DYNAMO, a multi-sectorial report that sheds light upon the activities of Humanitarian Agencies and active bodies in four main cities – Harim, Salqin, Dana and Qourqeena – that are considered centers for their sub-districts along with four small villages in the same sub-districts respectively – Ariba, Delbiya, Selwa and Sardin – in Harim District in Idleb Governorate. It also compares the repercussion of support provided on services, priorities of the different sectors and the justice in the distribution of services.

In an attempt to study the gap in the interventions of Humanitarian Agencies and active bodies in Northern Syria along with their concentration in specific geographical areas, Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) were conducted in the above-mentioned cities and villages. In addition, 134 perception surveys were conducted (78% males and 22% females. 69% host community and 31% IDPs) to cast light on the sectors of demographics, health, water & sanitation, bakeries, education and infrastructure. It was found out that support is focused within the main cities and absent in the villages, resulting in the deterioration of humanitarian conditions and services in theses villages.

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