It supported the civil defense sector in areas of four provinces in the liberated Syrian interior, carried out by the ACU in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Administration, Relief and Refugee Affairs in the SIG , by providing equipment and heavy mechanisms to enable the Civil Defense teams to work, the cost was about US $ 6 million, and was implemented in two phases, the first at the end of 2014 and the second in early 2015.

Various mechanisms have been developed to assist civil defense teams, which in turn are doing a great job by saving the lives of hundreds and even thousands of Syrians. These mechanisms enabled them to remove rubble of all kinds and help technical workers to carry out all kinds of repairs and complete maintenance work for different networks.

The first phase included the delivery of fifty-five heavy vehicles, including 5 ambulances, 5 fire engines, 8 large bulldozers, 18 bobcat, 8 telescopic cranes and 10 backhoe loaders, while 13 heavy machinery As follows: 5 bulldozers, 3 Bob Cats, two ambulances, a heavy Buck-Loader, plus a fire engine, bringing the total number of vehicles delivered was 67 ones.