The Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) is a national Syrian non-government, non-political, non-profit institution focused on maximizing the impact of assistance delivered to the Syrian people by coordinating the efforts of donors, implementing agencies, and community representatives.

What we do:

  • Information Management: ACU produces needs assessments, surveillance, flash reports, situational analysis, control mapping.
  • Advocacy: ACU draws donors’ and implementers’ attention to humanitarian and development needs, influencing priorities and planning.
  • Project Coordination: ACU acts as an intermediary between donors, implementers, government institutions and community organizations.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: ACU assesses the performance of humanitarian, stabilisation and development projects.
  • Capacity Building: ACU strengthens the capabilities of partners in specialised, technical, managerial and financial skills.


We work for a decent life for all Syrians by managing and coordinating information and support.


To be the leading institution for planning and supporting decision-making for humanitarian assistance and sustainable development of Syria.


  • Mapping the humanitarian needs and ensuring stability in Syria.
  • Coordination with all humanitarian and stabilization actors in orderto achieve the response plan with better impact.
  • Mobilization and the advocacy of humanitarian issues at the local,regional and international level.
  • Increasing resilience and supporting sustainable development.
  • Promote reliance on local resources, provide support in emergency situations and boost the early recovery of communities.


  • Transparency: Fair and open in our procedures.
  • Independence: Professionalism away from the personal attitudes and political affiliations.
  • Humanitarianism: Keening to the good of the humankind.
  • Professionalism: Experience, objectiveness, jurisdiction and technical efficiency.
  • Accountability: Enabling the beneficiaries to specify their rights and duties in managing their resources, in addition to enhance their ability to take the responsibility of the performance.
  • Impartiality: Helping people regardless of gender, religion, race or political beliefs.
  • Partnership: A clear participatory and integrative role to maximize impact of support, with Syrian institutions, community representatives, donors (NGOs).


ACU has coordinated over $250 million dollars in assistance so far

14 Governorates

Is the number of governorates reached by ACU including the besieged areas


Employees from ACU team work inside Syria

Number of MOU’s by ACU Clusters


Infograph of how ACU Coordinate Supports


Number of MOU’s by Governorates