Information Management Unit

  • Definition

    The Information Management Unit (IMU) was Established in late 2012, the IMU has now been operating for over four years, with a strong track record of delivery to stakeholders and clients concerned with and operating within Syria. IMU provides reliable and timely data that empowers better decision-making in Syria across the humanitarian, stabilisation and development market.

    The IMU collects primary data and generates reports in a responsive, innovative and effective way. Various types of information products are published as Need Assessments, Thematic Reports, Situational Reports, Flash Reports that vary between long, medium, and short formats, in addition to Online Interactive Studies.

  • Human Resources

    The IMU consists of a central team of 10 Syrian Information Management professionals based in Gaziantep, Turkey as well as an enumerator network across Syria. The IMU Enumerator network consists of 95 full time enumerators dedicated to collecting data across Syria within 10 governorates, in addition to 23 full time camp enumerators dedicated to collecting data within 180 IDP camps in Northern Syria within Aleppo and Idleb governorates

  • Values

    Our over‐riding core values are humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence. We as well value ‘do no harm’ principles, conflict and gender sensitivity, personal integrity, creativity, credibility, feedback and constant improvement in all that we do as we seek to be the employer of choice.

  • Technology

    The IMU will continue to draw upon the latest technologies regarding software (Kobo, SPSS, Adobe Creative Cloud, Arc GIS, MS Office suite of tools), hardware, and web-based solutions (Arc GIS Online, Power BI, Survey Monkey)

  • Objectives

    • Maximizing the impact of assistance delivered to the Syrian people through the provision of reliable and timely data.
    • Empowering better decision-making in Syria across humanitarian, stabilisation and development sectors.
    • Active operational unit for the ACU and stakeholders.
    • Provision of greater scope of services/products/data.
    • Widening the range of partnerships to deepen the analytical products.
    • Professional leadership in information management in Syria.
    • Leading the development of Syrian data warehouse.
    • Developing the range of products and data that IMU produces and presenting it to the information management market.
    • Increasing the effectiveness, reliability and quality of the IMU data that is presented annually.
  • Basic Activities

    • Issuing Whole of Syria multi-sectoral need assessments like DYNAMO and IDP camps monitoring reports that include demography, FSL, health, education, WASH, services, infrastructure, shelter, NFIs, and sector prioritization.
    • Issuing Whole of Syria thematic reports in specific sectors like education, bakeries, etc.
    • Issuing situational reports that cover the needs and priorities of specific geographical area like Idleb Governorate, Euphrates Shield, Dar’a Governorate, etc.
    • Producing the monthly Whole of Syria Market Price Index (MPI) that includes a trend analysis of the prices of the basic food commodities, fuel, building materials, and other materials over a period of 12 months.
    • Producing the monthly online monitoring interactive study for 180 IDP camps in Aleppo and Idleb governorates in Northern Syria.
    • Producing Red Flag / Flash reports that highlight the emergency humanitarian situations that may occur within any Syrian area like displacement, forced displacement, chemical attack and other urgent situations.
    • Producing interactive online maps, either independent maps like the Roads and Cross Border Online Map or maps related to the produced reports as online maps for the educational thematic reports and other.
    • Whole of Syria primary data collection.


IMU Reports

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