Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring: is a continuous assessment that aims at providing all stakeholders with early detailed information on the progress or delay of the ongoing assessed activities.

It is an oversight of the activity’s implementation stage. Its purpose is to determine if the outputs, deliveries and schedules planned have been reached so that action can be taken to correct the deficiencies as quickly as possible.

Evaluation: is a systematic and objective examination concerning the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of activities in the light of specified objectives.

The idea in evaluating projects is to isolate errors not to repeat them and to underline and promote the successful mechanisms for current and future projects.

  • Approve the monitoring, evaluation and accountability policy for Assistance Coordination Unit from all the staff.
  • Issuance of a unique reports.
  • Develop a plan of monitoring and evaluation of all projects within the Assistance Coordination Unit.

Implementation of Third party verification and Third party monitoring for national and international actors, active in the Syrian affairs within all sectors.

  • Pursue the development of project proposals with programs managers at ACU.
  • Pursue the achievements of projects goals and analyzing data.
  • Proposition measurements indicators.
  • Designing a database includes required information for all projects.

Issuing a progress and final reports for projects supported or coordinated by ACU.