Monitoring and Evaluation


  • Monitoring Definition:

    It is a continuous and structured process throughout the project stages aims at providing stakeholders with detailed and timely information on the progress or delay of project activities approved under the implementation plan.
    It also aims to determine whether the desired results have been reached in accordance with the timeline so that they can take the necessary actions to rectify defaults as soon as possible.

  • Evaluation Definition:

    It is a systematic and objective study on the importance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of activities in light of specific objectives.
    The idea in evaluating projects is to troubleshoot errors, prevent their recurrence, confirm and strengthen successful mechanisms for current and future projects.

  • Objectives:

    • Approve of the monitoring, evaluation and accountability policy of the ACU.
    • Issue reports of unique quality.
    • Develop monitoring and evaluation plans for projects within the ACU.
    • Implement monitoring and verification contracts for various international and local entities working in the Syrian context within all sectors.
  • Mission and Activities:

    • Follow-up development of project proposals with program managers in the ACU.
    • Follow-up on the achievement of program objectives and data analysis.
    • Develop Indicators for measurement.
    • Set UP a schedule for data collection and analysis.
    • Develop a database containing the required information about the projects.
    • Issue interim and final reports for all projects approved by and through the ACU.

MEAL Reports

MEAL Interactive Reports