An Overview of Protection Sector

During the first three years of the Syrian uprise, the focus was on all sectors that contribute to supporting and saving the lives of people during the crisis. However, the protection sector, particularly the psychological support for children and women that survived gender-based violence, was almost completely overlooked. By the beginning of the fourth year, protection sector started to get some notice due to the extreme living conditions Syrian people were experiencing. Unfortunately, many minor psychological disorders turned into serious cases that need immediate psychiatric intervention. The latter prompted most humanitarian organizations to take action in this regard. Although efforts in this sense were slow paced and insufficient, they could make a relatively acceptable start in the way of preventing any deterioration in the mental and psychological health status in Syria and countries of refuge.

ACU’s Contributions to Protection Sector in Syria

ACU is working on projects that have direct and clear impact on the targeted populations, taking into consideration the sustainability of these projects. ACU has allocated $106000 for supporting protection sector and rehabilitating human resources, in addition to opening psychological support centers for children and women. As for the domain of Syrian women empowerment, ACU has provided academic and vocational training courses for Syrian women, especially those who became the only providers of their families.

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