Schools in Syria 2019

December 2019

Schools in Syria

Thematic Report

The Information Management Unit (IMU) issued the 5th edition of its annual report entitled “Schools in Syria 2019” to shed the light on the status of the education sector in all areas outside the Syrian regime’s control, and the growing needs and priorities of the schools and students given the fact that the aforementioned are still heavily affected by the ongoing war in Syria. The IMU tried to expand its coverage in northern Syria; hence, the number of enumerators has been increased to collect data from larger numbers of schools. Based on this, the number of assessed schools in this edition has reached to 4,016 schools, and the number of covered sub-districts has accounted for 78 sub-districts within 6 governorates. For the purpose of this study 38,538 e-forms have been used, and 34,522 surveys have been conducted with students, teachers, parents, and school principals. The 5th edition includes elaborate information on the functional schools’ buildings, water, sanitation and hygiene, school supplies, schooling stages, school days, curricula, certificates, students and teachers along with their needs, psychological support, students with special needs, policies and procedures governing the educational process, non-functional schools, in addition to the priorities and recommendations. The current edition also presents a comparison between the results of this edition and those of the previous editions with regard to several aspects. You can read or download the previous editions of the “Schools in Syria” report at the following links:

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