Support Besieged Homs

In coordination with its partners in the besieged areas, the ACU promoted the policy of self-sufficiency, combating the siege and starvation policy pursued by the Syria regime, and supporting the concept of food security in the vegetative and animal aspects. (Especially in light of the large decline in livestock numbers) through three projects with a total value of ($ 142,340 – one hundred and forty-two thousand three hundred and forty dollars).
The first project, valued at $ 28,475 ($ 28,475), supported the “cabbage and flower” winter crops on an area of 85 dunums, creating jobs, providing the product at competitive prices and restoring the economic life cycle of the besieged areas. The second project was to support the purchase and fattening of sheep and calves ($ 37,975 – thirty seven thousand nine hundred and fifty five US dollars) in order to provide citizens in the besieged areas at acceptable prices, and the contribution of the project to create jobs and support the economic wheel.
The third project was concerned with supporting livestock by providing medicines, vaccines and feed to breeders at subsidized prices for feed and medicines at cost and vaccines free of charge, helping to preserve livestock and supporting the confidence of breeders to continue production and meet the needs of citizens in the besieged areas. The cost was 75.910 $ Seventy-five thousand nine hundred and ten dollars).