Suspected case of Cholera in N Syria

Report on suspected case of Cholera in N Syrai

EWARN Report

21 October 2015

Turkey – Gaziantep

On Tuesday 20.10.2015, a case of 5 years old male in Aleppo governorate, eastern rural

was reported through EWARN system. The child suffered from acute watery diarrhea for

the previous two days, admitted to the hospital with dehydration, vomiting, renal failure

but no fever. The case fitted the case definition for AWD.

Rapid diagnostic test was done to the case and it was positive. The case unfortunately

Stool samples on Carry Blaire:

Stool sample for confirmation could not be collected as the child died before the action.

No other cases of AWD/acute diarrhea were reported/detected in the location and among

family members. Further field investigations may be conducted based on security

This case will remain as suspected case of cholera. Confirmation cannot be done. N

Syria remains as free from cholera till now. Preparedness for the outbreaks continues

while all partners including EWARN remain on high alert.

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