Syrian Immunization Group

Program Definition

The vaccine program includes vaccine room at the central level and is working under the umbrella of the Syrian Technical Committee (SIG), led by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, it is responsible for the planning and supervision of all immunization activities in the liberated areas in Syria.

Main Goals

1 Obtain healthy generation by reaching out to all children and immunized with the vaccines during the campaigns

2-building and strengthen routine expanded program immunization (EPI )

3. Capacity Building

Main tasks and activities

  1. Composition of the vaccination central rooms in the provinces in coordination with local partners
  2. Planning for the implementation of the vaccine campaigns) SIAs)
  3. Preparing budgets for the implementation of campaigns
  4.  Coordination with UNICEF in order to receive the required vaccines, logistics and delivery it to central warehouses in the provinces
  5. Design and print C4D & S.M materials and in coordination with UNICEF
  6. Do TOT training for central room members in the provinces before each campaign
  7. Supervising and monitoring the implementation of vaccination campaigns and the preparation of the final reports
  8. Planning for the routine expanded program immunization (EPI) Scheduled to start at the beginning of 2017