This Euphrates Shield Area DYANO report addresses the general situation in the geographical zone, which has been given that name after the military operation carried out over that territory. The report covers three districts: A’zaz, Jarblur, and Al Bab, which incorporate eight sub-districts, including: Aghtrin, A’zaz, Al Bab, Ar-Ra’ee, Ghandorah, Jarablus, Suran, and Mare’. This besides its engulfing the camps exiting in the said geographical zone.

The report sheds lights in details on prevailing conditions and the needs the residents in the said areas as well as the IDPs are in want for during the months of May and June 2017. The report is divided into two parts: the districts and the camps. The former section of the report looks into the demography, food security, health, water, sanitation, education, shelter, non-food items, infrastructure and the priorities of each of the said sectors. The second part somewhat similarly discusses demography, food security, health, water, sanitation, education, shelter, non-food items and those sectors’ priorities.


Over-plagued with deadly siege, the Eastern Ghota is still subject to a vicious military regime attack in an attempt to force its people to flee for their life or just die in place. The sufferings in Eastern Ghota have been continuing, unabated for more than five running years, leaving the area bereaved of almost all basic necessities for survival with grave shortage of resources. The Syrian regime is currently making attempts to displace the civilians by wreaking havoc in the area, preventing the entry of basic foodstuffs, and denying medical access for critical cases or even their exit for treatment.

In a series of reports issued by the Information Management Unit (IMU) of the Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) and through its network of enumerators and in coordination with the Local Council of Rural Damascus Governorate, the 2nd edition of the report ” Siege and Death in the Eastern Ghouta” is issued to sound off warning bells about the hardship situation in Eastern Ghota, much as it is intended to raise the alarm regarding the displacement enforced and the human rights violations committed by the regime. The report at the same time sheds lights on the looming catastrophe before it may occur.


The Information Management Unit of the Assistance Coordination Unit issued a Panoramic Report on Ma’arrat An Nu’man City located in Idleb Governorate. The report reflects the living conditions in the city during November and December 2017. The report consists of several sections which are: The Active Civilian actors, Demography, Health, Food Security, Education, Infrastructure that contains Water sector, Sewage System, Solid Waste, Electricity, and Public Roads Network. This report aims to draw the attention of the decision-makers to the civil actors in the city of Ma’arat An Nu’man and to enable them to manage the community and provide the necessary infrastructure and services to the inhabitants.


Following the release of the Information Management Unit’s (IMU) third Schools in Syria Report in May 2017, the IMU’s Education in Northern Syria Camps Report seeks to fill the existing information gap on camp schools in northern Syria. Working to identify pointed recommendations and interventions to improve the sector, the report examines 44 schools, in 171 camps, spread across eight camp clusters. With more than 173,000 residents, including some 55,700 school age children, the report has found that the sector is in significant need of support.





Schools in Camps 2017 Interactive Map




The advocacy and communication department in ACU releases its descriptive report about . the forced displacement in Syria.The report includes only the official agreements between  local inhabitants and the Syrian regime while many other cases of displacement like the those done by PYD happened but not mentioned in the report because they were unofficial…Read the full report.




The ACU’s Information Management Unit launched the third version of its Syrian Public School Assessment Report, to highlight the impact of the Syrian conflict on education and the needs of students and school supplies. The questionnaire for this report was developed from questionnaires used in previous reports in order to reach several indicators… Read and download the full report.



The Status of Service Provision in Idleb City report was written upon the request of several stakeholders. The report is considered a pilot project, to be used as a proof of concept for IMU’s new, mixed methods research methodology. The report provides information about the status of service provision in Idleb City, as well as public opinions of these services. Following a feedback process, the IMU will produce a report that assesses services in communities throughout Idleb province.


On Wednesday, 3 May 2017, it was reported that two IDP camps, near the Turkish
borders, were attacked by an unidentified drone. One of the IMU enumerators visited
the locations to document the event, assess the damage, and identify the needs of the
affected IDPs. He met some of the inhabitants as well as the manager of Aleppo 1 Camp,
and gathered information from them about the details of the…


The humanitarian situation:
On April 6 2017, Syrian Democratic Forces supported by International coalition besieged the city.
According to the estimations, 30 thousand people became completely besieged within the city, and isolated from the outer world due to the blockade applied by SDF and the international coalition, in addition to ISIL that prevented them from moving to territories out of its control. Those civilians are now in an urgent need to humanitarian and medical assistance after losing it for weeks due to battels and blockade undertaken since they started to run out of food; they ran out of vegetables and fuel for days, added to the lack of water.
The power was off for 17 days due to the stop of Euphrates dam to provide the service, in addition to the absence of the internet connection within the city except landline connection which is available only in some neighborhoods.