The Syrian crisis has evolved since 2011 and the Syrian people suffering is lasting for the fifth year.
A big part of Syrians had been displaced several times inside Syrian lands searching for a safe place for them
and their families. According to the Syria Dynamic Monitoring Report (DYNAMO) version 51 issued by Information Management Unit of the Assistance Coordination Unit, a total of 2,975,045 civilians inside Syrian lands were forced to leave their homes and move to other sub-districts. It should be noted that this study covers 80% of out of regime control areas.


Pesticides campaign has been conducted on the agricultural land in Yarmouk camp which is located in the south of Damascus governorate
The local council in the  besieged Yarmouk camp conducted pesticides campaign for the agricultural lands
This campaign comes as an activity of food security program “wheat”.
which is supported by Assistance Coordination Unit and the executive local councils.

Agriculture Support program continues under wheat program title which is supported by ACU and many other implementing partners.


The Planting seeds stage began in specified arable areas of Yarmouk camp.


ACU with the camp local council are working on agriculture fully Support program and covering the wheat program in all stages.