Tender announcement (sealed envelope) HTH 70% disinfection powder for water

Tender announcement (sealed envelope)
Tender No. TRWR09-07
Assistance Coordination Unit invites suppliers with experience in working with humanitarian organizations to submit quotes in sealed envelopes for the service of supplying:
HTH 70% disinfection powder for water
Calcium Hypochloride Active ingredient 70%
Packaging: It is an closed well opaque plastic container with a capacity of 25 kg or 40 kg. The powdered chlorine is placed in a thick, transparent nylon bag inside the container.
Validity date until 2022 at least required conditions and specifications.
Conditions for submission:
• Offers shall be submitted in one envelope the envelope must be sealed and closed tightly.
• All documents in the envelope must be stamped and signed with the official supplier’s stamp and signature along with envelopes itself to ensure they are sealed
the supplier’s name, company and phone number must written on the envelope from outside.
• Close the envelope tightly with a glue or wax adhesive and seal and sign the place to seal the envelope.
• The supplier’s signature should be over all docs related to the tender.
• Any offer that does not contain all the attachments and papers filled out and sealed is rejected.

You can obtain tender documents by contacting us via the official email:
[email protected]
The response to the e-mail is only during official working hours in Turkey.
The date for receiving offers will be during the period from 29/11/2020 and 04/12/2020
The place of bids submission is the Office of Assistance Coordination Unit located in Turkey – Gaziantep – Incillipinar mahhalesi-3 nolu cadde -Akinalan Ismerkezi -kat2
For more information please contact us on the official email:
[email protected]
Or on (05375641668)

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