The “ACU” completes the biggest campaign to support the educational sector in the Syrian liberated provinces

The Assistance Coordination Unit had finished its distribution operations for the “to learn” program dedicated to support the education of the year 2014 – 2015 which provided the needed materials for the continuation of the educational process in the liberated areas inside Syria like winter clothes for students, Stationery, bags, and heating accessories. In addition to a special campaign for supporting teachers jointly with the Ministry of Education in the Syrian interim government and its education directorates in the liberated provinces.

The “to learn” program is one of the largest educational process sector done in the Syrian liberated provinces. The value of the material provided through the “to learn” program is $17.230.489 funded with an in kind grant patronage of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

The education directorates worked on distributing the materials on the students at the schools, which 762 schools were benefited from the program which divided into four provinces (Aleppo 299, Hama 191, Idlib 229, and Latakia 43).

More than 237.000 students were benefited from the “to learn” program that distributed 237.212 school bags contain a full stationary for students enough for the length of the school year, and 219.105 of a winter cloths contain a full winter cloth, coat, and a very good quality shoes for each students.

The “to learn” program also provided 179.865 white board pens, 3.099 Fireplace with accessory crane to be installed within the classrooms along with 476 tons of the Bio-gasoline and coal to be used as heaters in the classrooms. Also, it will provide 1.000 emergency kits contain complete first aid to be used to treat the students in case of emergencies and it will be delivered in the coming few days.

On the other hand, a new program called “ERFAN” was lunched through The “to learn” program to support more than 8000 teachers in total cost of $456,873, providing a complete food baskets and health baskets for female teachers to help them securing their living needs and keep their contribution in supporting the educational process in the liberated provinces. (8431 food baskets and 1394 health baskets).

It is noteworthy that the “to learn” program is a program aim to support the educational process in the Syrian liberated provinces for the year 2014 – 2015 and it was released in cooperation between the Assistance Coordination Unit and Education Directorates affiliated to the Ministry of Education in the Syrian interim government to cover four provinces Hama, Aleppo, Idlib, and Latakia in securing their schools and students needs to enable the educational process to continue in these provinces that suffer a  deterioration in the situation of services in general and also an educational retreat.


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