The Russian Attacks Result in Displacement Movement in Northern Syria

After the liberation of Idleb Governorate by armed opposition and its progress towards Al Ghab Valley, Russian
forces received an authorization from Kremlin to spread military troops and use warplanes in Syria under the
pretext of fighting terrorism in Syria.
In mid-September 2015, Russian airplanes started surveillance rounds over the out of regime control areas. The
first air strike was carried out on September, 30, 2015. Russian forces targeted Al Latmana Village and some
residential buildings there; this village is located in Kafar Zeita Sub-district in Hama Governorate. Taking into
consideration that this area is under the control of moderate opposition that was trained by Europe and USA
and now this opposition is supported and supplied with weapons by them as well. Russian airstrikes aimed to
support regime’s army on the ground. Syrian regime has started to move forward the liberated areas of Hama
Governorate under the aerial protection of the Russians.

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