To Learn-Le Ataalam-Project

It aimed to support the educational operation in the liberated areas in Syria for the 2014/2015 year . The project was created bythe ACU and the ministry of education in the SIG, to cover 4 governorates which are : Hama , Aleppo , Idlib and Latakia . It provided schools and students’ requirements  to continue the educational operation in the liberated areas in Syria . These requirements include : winter uniforms for students , stationery , bags , heating requirements , in addition to , a special campaign to support teachers.

” Leatalam ” project is considered to be one of the biggest operations which support the educational sector in the Syrian liberatedareas, as it gave materials which cost US $  17.230.489 financed by king Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Al Saud , custodian of the two holy mosques , through a generous in-kind grant .

The directorates of the governorates worked on allocating the subjects to students in schools , as the number of schools which were benefited from the project reached 762 ones distributed on 4 governorates which were : Aleppo (299 schools) , Hama (191 schools) , Idlib (229 schools) and finally Latakia (43 schools) .

More than 237.000 students were benefited from” Leatalam”project , as 237.212 school bags were allocated . These bags had a full stationery which sufficed a student for a year . The project also allocated 219.105 winter uniform rations , which included a full winter uniform for a student with a coat and a shoes in a very good quality .

It was also given by “Leatalam” : 179.865 “White Board” pens to write on the board , 3.099 heaters with the accessories to set it on classes and 476 Tons of Bearen vital fuel and coal , and it gave 1.000 first aid bags which had a complete first aid materials to use it in treating the students in emergency situations . These bags delivered in the next period .

On another level , a campaign titled “Erfan” was lunched by “Leatalam” project to support teachers . More than 8000 teachers were benefited from it with an amount reached US $ 456.873, including providing completed food and health aids for female teachers to help them to provide their living needs and make sure they continue to contribute supporting the educational operation in the liberated areas. The number of the food aids reached 8.431 ones , while the number of health aids for female teachers reached 1.394 ones.