valuation of the Sewerage Sector in Idlib Governorate

Assistance Coordination Unit – Water Sanitation and Hijin(WASH)Team issued a study entitled “Evaluation of the Sewerage Sector in Idlib Governorate”The aim of the study is to participate in efforts to draw attention to the importance of the sanitation sector and to give it the priority to meet the needs and priorities of this sector to reduce the negative impact of this weak attention on public health and the threat of some epidemics and outbreaks.
The study attributed the weak performance of the drainage networks and the problems resulting from them to the poor maintenance and the exit of many networks from service due to frequent faults and weariness of many of them because of the long-term and difficult maintenance,as well as the non-establishment of drainage networks in the new residential communities and discharge either in the artworks or in open surface drainage networks.
The study also stressed the absence of any treatment plant before the revolution and the discharge of sewage water to some valleys, which negatively impacted public health and posed an additional risk due to its use in irrigation And it’s contamination of groundwater.


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