By the fourth day of “To End Polio in Homs” campaign which is being organized by ACU, the number of vaccinated children reached 3047 in three main areas that are “Houlah, Talbiyah, Rastan”.

The number in the first day was 8318, in the second was 8026, in the third, was 7201 and recently in the fourth the number was 6882.

And we expect the number of children in the end of this campaign next Friday to reach 40 thousand, distributed in the rural Homs villages and towns according to Dr.Ammar Alani the campaign supervisor.


Third Day  –  2 / Feb / 2016

Fourth Day – 3 / Feb / 2016

Monday 1/2/2016 was the second day of the vaccination campaign “to end polio in homes.”

Which is divided into three main areas that are “Houla, Talbisah, Rastan”.

The number of vaccinated children reached 8026 on the second day and 8318 on the first.

the campaign started on last Monday and will last until next Friday.

And we expect the number of vaccinated children will reach 40 thousand by the campaign end.


Before starting the first round of vaccine campaign to face polio in northern rural of Homs city, ACU conducted many training sessions in central areas to make the teams ready on all levels and also to highlight the importance of this vaccine which will protect the Syrian children from polio in the future.


These sessions were held in the campaign areas, and included a group of supervisors and central room members.


Houla vaccine teams were trained on how to vaccine and how to deal with it, in addition to training sessions for the supervisors teams in Talbisa , Rastan and Houla.


ACU started this campaign on last Sunday and it will last until next Friday, and expected to provide vaccines to more than 40 thousand children who are under the age of 5 years old in northern rural of homs city.


In the framework of supporting medical and health sectors inside Syria, ACU funded the finance support to cover medical items costs in Qalamun area.


ACU delivered 7 thousand dollars to the medical center in Al-Dumayr since this center covers the  medical services of our people in the area and also covers the wounded people needs in both Al-Ruhaybah and Al-Dumayr in Qalamun area in the rural Damascus.


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