Displacement Waves from Rural Idleb, Aleppo and Hama in Syria

The Information Management Unit (IMU) of the Assistance Coordination is keeping track of the numbers of IDPs regularly, by monitoring the response provided from different providers. It also shares information with all actors working in the Syrian cause in order make the information available at hand to the largest number of humanitarian organizations, by issuing reports periodically. The ACU has issued its first IDPs report on Idleb in January 2018, the total number recorded then was 117,867 IDPs. In view of the fast and steady exaggerating number of the IDPs, with no up to the mark humanitarian response that troops with the minimum needs that IDPs are in want for, the IMU of the Assisatnce Coordination Unit is issuing its second Displacement Report, tracking the places of distribution of 504,709 IDPs, in addition to the response being provided for. The report shows that 27% of the IDPs have not received any humanitarian response, while 28% have received emergency food baskets only.

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