IDP Camps Monitoring Report V28

Information Management Unit at Assistance Coordination Unit has launched a bulletin about the main issues
and needs of IDPs within the assessed camps on basic sectors: food security; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
(WASH); Health; Education; Shelter and Non-Food items (NFIs); as well as the population demography and the
number of individuals and families during December 2015. The ACU’s enumerators have covered 165 camps
during December 2015 within ten clusters in Northern Syria distributed on three governorates Aleppo, Idleb and
Lattakia. The number of assessed camps during December has increased by two camps. Al Bayan camp within
Atma cluster was split into two camps Al Forkan and Al Bayan after the separation of some families from the old
camp. As well as, Zamzam camp was divided into two camps Zamzam1 and Zamzam2 at the end of November
and the new camps was…


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