Polio Vaccination Campaign
Feb 5th - March 28th - 2015
Child Vaccinated
521,832 ChildLogo
204,628 Child
39,634 Child
230,198 Child
38,873 Child
241,427 Child
6614 Child

Conclusion of the Eighth Vaccination Campaign against Poliomyelitis with a 99% Coverage Rate with no Mentionable Medical Errors in All Governorates

Syria Immunization Task Force concluded its eighth vaccination campaign against Poliomyelitis with great success. 99.27% of children were covered in all targeted seven governorates. The team was able to vaccinate about 1.280.000 Syrian child with unperceivable medical errors, in seven governorates of the liberated north. Syria Immunization Task Force – which was formed by the initiative of ACU – is working to rebuild a widened national vaccination program on Syrian territory to control all epidemics and illnesses that may spread in Syria, especially under the circumstances that our people, in Syria are, living through. Read more