The local council in the Yarmouk camp with the ACU support has delivered firewood to our people in the camp.


The campaign will last until next week and will include the delivery of 32.5 tons from firewood to 325 families in the camp as a 100 KG for each family.


In a seeking effort to support shelter sector in winter funding program.


ACU with shama Charity organization distributed Mazut fuel oil material to our people in alhawla villages of rural homs

the distributed shares reached 735 families for each family 40 LT.


and the distribution included the villages of ” Taldo, Taldhab,  Kafrlaha, West  Al-Ttayibat, and Al-Brj ” in  Al-Hawla countryside of Homs city.


Around 200 KG of firewood had been delivered to 1200 beneficiary families in Damascus’ eastern Gotah.


As a part of shelter support program, ACU with “Adalah” for development and relief organization delivered an amount of 240 ton of firewood to the IDP families who came from Duma in the rural Damascus.


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ACU with Cooperation of Siraj for relief and health care organization delivered firewood to our people in besieged Zamalka in eastern Gotah, and the beneficiaries number were about 4750 in Zamalka which is under the weight of  the regime siege for nearly three years, in addition to the hard cold and lack of heating equipments.


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