The Information Management Unit (IMU) of the Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) conducted a multi-sectoral assessment for the sixth release of its periodical Dynamic Monitoring Report (DYNAMO). A total of 105 sub-districts within 11 governorates were assessed to give a comprehensive account of the humanitarian situation there, and to inform a proper response in all sectors.


The ACU’s enumerators had assessed ten camp clusters during January and February within
the governorates of Aleppo, Idleb and Lattakia, and 165 camps within nine clusters in Northern
Syria in the governorates of Aleppo and Idleb during three months March, April and May 2016.
The assessed clusters are Atma, Al Karama, Al Rahma, Sarmada, Salqin, Qah, Kherbet Aljouz,
Jarablus and Bab Al Salameh. The number of individuals in the assessed camps had increased
during May 2016 with 1,921 IDPs because the number of incoming people is bigger than number
of outgoing people. As well as, the increase in the number of IDPs between January and
May was 7,829 individuals. The hard living conditions in many camps, lack of services, absence
of support and the high prices of commodities led to the departure of many families to the
Syrian liberated areas and made many young people to…


On Monday, 5 February, 2016 Syrian regime forces arrived to Nobol sub-district within
Aleppo governorate cutting off the road between northern and southern Aleppo countryside;
afterwards they took control over Masqan and Ahras villages aiming at cutting
the route between the eastern countryside and A’zaz sub-district so they could
completely cut the fuel supply path to liberated areas…



The Interactive Map of Al-Rahma & Al-Karama Clusters:

  • Service points distribution
  • Total number of tents inside each camp
  • Number of families in the camps


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ACU’s enumerators have assessed 163 camps within ten camp clusters in Northern Syria located in three
governorates Aleppo, Idleb and Lattakia during November 2015. The assessed clusters are Atma, Al
Karama, Al Rahma, Sarmada, Salqin, Yamadia, Qah, Kherbet Aljouz, Jarablus and Bab Al Salameh. Camp
situation was relatively stable during November, where 176 new displaced families have arrived to the
assessed camps during November. As well as, some camps witnessed the departure of some families and
individuals from some camps mainly for two reasons, firstly, some IDPs returned to their villages for olive
picking season, and secondly many newly displaced families did not receive shelter in camps so they
were headed to Turkey or resorted to some safe neighboring villages. The two assessed camps in Jarablus
cluster Al Jabal and Al Khames are still under ban to enter any kind of humanitarian aid and the
enumerator was prohibited from entering the cluster or meeting the IDPs. In addition, the cluster is still
suffering from the absence of medical points and schools due to the absence of support. It is worth
mentioning that Molhak Dar Alajaza camp within Qah cluster is…..