Worsening bad living conditions are increasingly engulfing IDPs in northern Syria camps; especially with the advent of the winter season, with their growing numbers and consequently the growing of their needs and the scarcity of aid provided by humanitarian organizations, especially during the past two years. It is worth noting that late humanitarian response and delay in sending emergency materials delayed the implementation of winter projects and negatively affected IDPs.

Information Management Unit (IMU) of the Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) has prepared for the third year consecutively a study1 on the most important IDP needs for winter season in 176 camps within nine different clusters in Northern Syria with 13 camps wider coverage compared to the previous winter needs dashboard. This study aims to strengthen the planning and decision-making capacity of aid actors responding to IDPs crisis and provide humanitarian aid that meets all the needs in order to reduce the bad effects of winter on IDPs. The total number of displaced families within the assessed camps was 34,790, with a total population of 192,284.

More detailed information about IDPs needs in northern Syria camps are available within the monthly IMU’s “IDP Camps Monitoring Interactive Report”


The Information Management Unit (IMU) of the Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) conducted a multi-sectoral assessment for the sixth release of its periodical Dynamic Monitoring Report (DYNAMO). A total of 105 sub-districts within 11 governorates were assessed to give a comprehensive account of the humanitarian situation there, and to inform a proper response in all sectors.


Oqeirbat Sub-district is located within As- Salamiyeh District in Hama Governorate. Oqeirbat is located on the Eastern side of Hama and borders Tadmor Sub-district in Homs Governorate and Aleppo Governorate. Oqeirbat Sub-district consists of 24 communities with an estimated population of 24,000 people according to statistics prior the beginning of the civil uprising. Oqeirbat is mostly rural and most of its population work in agriculture and grazing. According to the latest statistic of the Information Management Unit at ACU, the current population of this sub-districts was…



IDPs in Northern Syria camps suffer from bad living conditions especially with the advent of winter season. On the other hand, the increased IDPs’ numbers make the provided aid by humanitarian organizations insufficient and does not cover all IDPs’ needs. It is worth noting that late humanitarian response and delay in sending emergency materials delayed the humanitarian Implementation of winter projects and negatively affected IDPs.
Twenty-one camps flooded at Atma and Al Karama clusters where large number of tents and rooms flooded, and ten tents were torn in Al Hadeel camp. In addition, heavy…


In the framework of supporting medical and health sectors inside Syria, ACU funded the finance support to cover medical items costs in Qalamun area.


ACU delivered 7 thousand dollars to the medical center in Al-Dumayr since this center covers the  medical services of our people in the area and also covers the wounded people needs in both Al-Ruhaybah and Al-Dumayr in Qalamun area in the rural Damascus.


Information Management Unit at Assistance Coordination Unit has launched a bulletin about the main issues
and needs of IDPs within the assessed camps on basic sectors: food security; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
(WASH); Health; Education; Shelter and Non-Food items (NFIs); as well as the population demography and the
number of individuals and families during December 2015. The ACU’s enumerators have covered 165 camps
during December 2015 within ten clusters in Northern Syria distributed on three governorates Aleppo, Idleb and
Lattakia. The number of assessed camps during December has increased by two camps. Al Bayan camp within
Atma cluster was split into two camps Al Forkan and Al Bayan after the separation of some families from the old
camp. As well as, Zamzam camp was divided into two camps Zamzam1 and Zamzam2 at the end of November
and the new camps was…



Around 200 KG of firewood had been delivered to 1200 beneficiary families in Damascus’ eastern Gotah.


As a part of shelter support program, ACU with “Adalah” for development and relief organization delivered an amount of 240 ton of firewood to the IDP families who came from Duma in the rural Damascus.


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ACU with “Sahim” organization delivered 1035 water proof cover for northern Syria camps.


The campaign included the following camps ” Nur, Mustafa, Tayyibah, Shams Alhuria, and Sahel Al-Ghab” as follows 177, 300, 171, 207, 180 respectively.


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