The Siege and Death in Eastern Ghota Dec 2017

A military campaign is launched against Eastern Ghota aiming to depopulate it. This area was besieged for more than five years which led to the loss of the basic necessities of life and a great deficit in the resources there. Currently, the Syrian Regime aims to forcibly displace the civilians from Eastern Ghota through totally destroying it, prohibiting the entry of basic food items, and not allowing the critical medical conditions to be transported to hospitals for treatment.
The ACU’s Information Management Unit, among a series of reports that predicts the forced displacement that is applied all over Syria, with the cooperation of the Provincial Council of Rural Damascus Governorate has issued this report “The Siege and Death in Eastern Ghota”, the report monitors the human rights violations in this area, sheds the light on the upcoming disaster, and presents a detailed explanation about the urgent needs of the population in this besieged area.


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